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Optical Laboratory

The measurement of various optical parameters should happen at the beginning as well as at the end of every development, otherwise a simulation soon turns into nothing but "smoke and mirrors".

We avail of two optical laboratories which are equipped with a very wide assortment of equipment. With this we can perform measurements for you if you don't have the apparatuses, the time, or the experience.

Data acquisition

Almost all of our devices are computer integrated and store their measurements, and control data, in a database. Hence it is not only possible to get long-term comparisons of many parameters, but also provide you with the structured data to use at the end of a project.

Partner network

In case our equipment is not sufficient, we have access to a large network of partners from academia  and business, with whom we have performed several projects already.



Our measurement techniques include:

  • Various spectrometers (of different resolutions and wavelengths)
  • Several cameras
  • Two optical tables in different laboratories
  • Measurement of power, beam quality, current, voltage, power, luminosity, temperature, etc.
  • Polyaxial Piezo-Positioning systems (sub-µm resolution with translation up to 20cm)
  • High resolution voltage and current supplies
  • Standard choice of optical and opto-mechanical components for a fast realization of test arrangements
  • Small mechanical workshop
  • External network for special measurement techniques

Almost all components are automatized, can be controlled and readout via Ethernet, and are connected to a database. The series of measurements are reproducible and comparable.